From Shop Floor To Top Floor | Enterprise-Wide Efficiencies Through Cloud Computing

Posted by Admin on June, 06, 2023

A recent report by IDG stated that 73% of all enterprises have at least one cloud-based application, while 15% intend to adopt a cloud-based application or platform within the next 12 months. Organizations, successful in their digital business transformation initiatives, clearly see the importance of cloud computing within the enterprise. But for those still in limbo about making the change, here are a few reasons why moving to the cloud could be the best move yet.

  1. Cost-Efficient

While some organizations may be hesitant to adopt a cloud-based platform due to its costs, it’s essential to look at the ROI of such a utility. Once on the cloud, easy access to company data will speed up existing operations and give new initiatives, a much-needed boost.Additionally, many cloud-based platforms offer a pay-as-you-go service, allowing you to utilize what really matters to your business. As a result, the long-term cost benefits of adopting a cloud-based platform over an on-premise system are plenty.

  1. Secure

A major source of concern for a lot of companies looking to move to the cloud is security. How secure is the data when it’s not onsite? Interestingly, having a cloud host focus solely on the security and upkeep of the whole system is more efficient than a company’s internal IT team, where efforts may be divided across numerous IT issues. Some sources even claim that companies have seen significant security improvements after moving to the cloud, as companies can control user rights, and the type and frequency of data being transmitted.

  1. Mobile & Flexible

In today’s rapidly-evolving business landscape, capacity and time is of the utmost importance. A cloud-based platform affords users the opportunity to manage dynamic data requirements easily, and gain insights from that data, wherever they are.

  1. Insightful

One of the most clear-cut benefits of a cloud-based platform is the platform’s ability to generate valuable, actionable insights through built-in analytics capabilities. Those insights can later be used for enhanced decision making, increasing an organization’s ability to meet and exceed its targets.

  1. Collaborative

The saying, “teamwork makes the dream work” could not be truer here. Using cloud technologies allows employees to work together on complex tasks, regardless of where the employees are located. Information can be shared easily and securely through the platform, increasing engagement and productivity. Take the cloud out of the picture and things won’t be as easy anymore.

  1. Quality-Assured

By keeping all your data in one, central location in a single, unified format, the chances of any issues in data quality drastically decreases. Data remains consistent and an up-to-date record of versions/updates are maintained to ensure transparency and mitigate confusion.

  1. Managed Risk

A huge benefit of cloud-based platforms comes to light when disaster strikes. Certain circumstances will always be out of your control, but your data shouldn’t be one of them. Instead of trying to pull through downtime or destruction of your on-premise systems, data backed up on the cloud allows your enterprise to remain agile, responding to customer queries and strengthening brand reputation around the clock, even in the face of adversity.

  1. Automatically Updated

Everyone hates waiting around for those pesky system updates to be completed. Fortunately, cloud-based platforms are automatically updated, saving valuable time, money, and effort on otherwise unnecessary system update strategies and implementation.

  1. Competitive

Overall, it’s quite clear to see the benefits of moving to the cloud. And reaping these benefits could place your company at a distinct advantage when compared to your non-cloud-based competition. First mover advantage guarantees you’ll be farther up the learning curve than your on-premise counterparts – a significant edge in a day and age where you could be relevant one day and completely gone the next.

  1. Sustainable

There’s no better way to wrap this all up than by making the very important point that not only do cloud-based platforms help increase business efficiencies, but they also help reduce the waste created by physical technology, and in the end, save the planet from our carbon footprint. From the work to the world, going virtual could not get any better!

While cloud computing has been around for many years now, the rapid rate of technological change today has brought about new and improved ways of handling and utilizing enterprise information for increased business output. Mastech Digital – a leading provider of digital transformation services with specialties across the SMAC stack – has been helping business of all sizes – from SMEs to Fortune 500 companies – realize the value of digital technologies, elevating output and ensuring increased efficiencies every single day.

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