From Cost Cutting To Building Revenues, Achieve Efficiency With Offshore Staffing

Posted by Admin on May, 29, 2023

Offshoring is here to stay. Period! Offshoring remains an indispensable business tool in a time of global crisis. There are no doubts that offshore staffing helps you cut costs, saves time, and increases productivity. Consequently, you reap the dividends of better revenues, even during a calamity or God-made crisis. In this blog, we’ll discuss some of the cost-saving benefits of offshore staffing and how this strategy helps make a business profitable.

Offshore staffing solutions maximize value and help you better serve your customers; that’s why enterprises in western countries like the US, Canada, and the UK prefer offshoring to achieve efficiency.

Be it a coronavirus-like pandemic or an economic slowdown, or The Great Resignation, you are never out of the game with offshore staffing. Offshoring allows you to break geographical barriers and give your business a global presence.

Finding and retaining talent has become problematic recently, but offshoring addresses some common hiring challenges by providing a top-notch and affordable workforce. The demand for skilled offshore labor has surged over the past few years, but covid-19 pandemic doubled up the need for employees working remotely. In fact, it is an excellent opportunity to upgrade your IT talent.

One of the primary benefits of offshoring and outsourcing is cost savings. A business can save a lot through this strategy, increase productivity and become profitable. Even though offshoring and outsourcing are entirely different, the two terms are often used interchangeably.

What is offshoring in business?

Many businesses have grown exponentially by utilizing and enhancing their workforce with offshore staffing. Working with an offshore staffing agency is vital as the company’s fate depends on the service providers.

Offshoring also means opening the door to a talent pool, allowing you to handpick employees without geographical constraints. This becomes essential and saves you from losing out on potential clients, especially during a holiday season when local labor is less available. Recruiting skilled and educated labor in offshore locations such as India enables in-house and offshore teams to work together for better output. Offshore staffing is an ideal strategy for hiring IT talent. So, choosing the right strategy for offshoring your business becomes imperative for scalability.

Offshoring is not just about cost savings but also a chance to expand overseas business operations.

Cost-Saving Benefits Of Offshoring

  • Hiring: Offshore staffing comes with cost-saving benefits, and organizations can save a lot of money in various ways. Recruitment is tedious as the process is not only lengthy, but it also affects the expenses of the company. However, offshoring solutions save costs by taking the operation under its control. They take care of the pre-employment testing, background investigations, and drug screening before hiring a candidate.
  • Training: Another cost-savings benefit of offshoring is when a specified job is offshored, the company is spared the expense of hiring qualified individuals. The work is assigned to experts in that field, improving the work’s efficiency and quality. Meaning there will be no need to plan training sessions for the same.
  • Labor: Offshore offers affordable labor, providing another cost-saving benefit to the business they partner with. Whether skilled workers are scarce or available at a high cost, offshore includes access to talent fluent in English with relevant skill sets and experience.

Revenue Growth

Offshore staffing has proven to be a viable option for ramping up the business. With offshore staffing, you can expand your company according to your needs, finances, or functionalities without adversely affecting the bottom line. Let’s look at how offshore staffing helps in building revenue.

  • Business expansion: The offshore strategy is a perfect way to spread awareness about the business company in different parts of the world. This is helpful in terms of gaining more clients worldwide. Agencies providing offshore staffing solutions play an essential role in business development. Offshoring allows you to free internal resources that can be used as assets to fuel the company’s growth. The tool quickly responds to rising demand, enabling you to concentrate on methods to grow your business.
  • Diverse Talent Pool: Offshore IT staffing has a broader pool of talent with quality skills available for work at lower wages. It may not be easy to recruit workers with specialized skills locally, but offshoring allows you access to such workers.
  • Access to Resources: Resources like technology that are hard to find locally could be easily accessible to offshore locations. Hence, giving you better access to necessary resources for smooth business operations.
  • Working round the clock for improved TAT: Even if you have retired for the day, offshore staffing ensures the project they are working on remains uninterrupted. Working round the clock allows for faster turn-around times (TAT), bringing consistent results and business escalation.
  • Risk Management: Offshoring comes with its own challenges, and even the slightest risk could affect the overall workflow. However, offshore staffing ensures mitigating those risks, whether operational or strategic, for smooth functioning.

How India has become a favored offshoring destination

With its large economy and digital-ready population, India has been the hub for outsourcing and offshoring for over two decades. It matches the quality, talent, and fluency in English, all at relatively lower rates than you would pay for the same services in the US, Canada, or some other western country. Hiring a skilled workforce at 60-70% cheaper rates than your local market is potentially the key to unlocking doors for better results.

Finding qualified talent in India with relevant skills and experience is the icing on the cake as you not only save cost upfront but also help scale your business up gradually. A large section of the country speaks, writes, and reads English, and that gives India an edge over other offshore locations.

Improved Education Quality

In the IT sector, India has emulated Western countries’ education and practical knowledge. The knowledge and skillsets of Indian workers are attractive enough to lure businesses worldwide. Approximately 65 lakh students graduate annually in India, including 15 lakh engineers, making the country the third largest in producing engineering and technology graduates annually.

The cost of living becomes game-changer

Living costs have become a game-changer for businesses taking the offshoring route. In the USA, the cost of living is 80% higher than that in India. According to Living Cost, the average cost of living in India for one person is $416 compared to $2112 in the US.

Government support

India has become the number one offshore location choice for businesses because of its favorable and supportive government policies. Thanks to the IT Act, India has been rated as an investment potential destination as it provides numerous benefits, including tax and e-filing documents.


Offshoring has become one of the popular tools businesses globally utilize to stay relevant in the highly competitive world. Offshoring has been an effective business strategy, especially during the pandemic, with big brands heavily reliant on this method. Offshoring provides cost-saving benefits and helps your business sell more and build revenues.

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